In-game information

All of the information you need to roleplay can be found here

  • menuMenus
    M - vMenu PgUp - AddOn Vehicle Spawner F3 - Emotes Menu F6 - VStancer F7 - Emotes/Vehicle Wheel
  • videogame_assetPersonal commands/controls
    /do - Peforms Action /me - Performs Action /tweet - Posts a Tweet /ebay - Use Ebay /darkweb - Use Dark Web /911 - Calls 911 /text insert-id message /jailme insert-time /report - Report a Player Press ` - Crouch Press CAPS to set a Cruise Limit /drink - To Become Drunk /sober - To become Sober /hood - Open Hood /trunk - Open Trunk G - Seatbelt
  • directions_carPolice/Fire Department commands/controls
    Press F5 for Interactions, Animations and Scene items. Press Left Ctrl and M for radar. /idsearch - Searches ID in CAD. /platesearch - Seaches Plate in CAD. Q - Turns lights on. R - Blips siren / Changes siren tone. E - Air horn. L. ALT - Enables sirens when Lights are on. ArrowUp - Enables sirens when lights are on.
  • gamesHelicopter commands/controls
    Press E to open Helicam. RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to switch between normal, nightvision and thermal vision. Press SPACE on a Vehicle to lock on to it. Press X to Rappel from Heli. Press L to Turn on Spotlight.
  • insert_emoticonEmotes
    F3 - Open the emote menu /e [emote] - Click here to see the full list
Department-wide information

Links and documents relevant to all first responders

10 Codes + Phonetic Alphabet
State Penal Code
Los Santos Police Department
LSPD Promo Video
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
BCSO Promo Video
San Andreas Highway Patrol
SAHP Promo Video
San Andreas Fire & Rescue
Nothing to see here yet :/
Central Dispatch of San Andreas
Nothing to see here yet :/
Map Fix

Below fixes your Ingame-Map when it goes black in the Menu.

Download Instructions are Inside the Readme.txt

Download Here
Recommended Visuals

Below makes your Ingame Visuals Better, like weather and emergency lights.

Download Instructions are Inside the Readme.txt

Download Here

Downloadable Picture of our AOP Map.

View Here
Getting help

If you require help on the server, or if you need to report a player - you can do so with the following command. All we ask is that you provide as much information as possible, and a moderator or staff member will be with you as soon as possible!

/report [id] [message]

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