Controls & Commands - Menu

M - vMenu
PgUp - AddOn Vehicle Spawner
F3 - Emotes Menu
F6 - Vehicle Stancer
F7 - Clothing Menu
F10 - Object Spawner
F1 - Phone
/radio - Opens radio (Quick Tutorial on how to use:
/do - Peforms Global Action
/me - Performs Local Action
/darkweb - Use Dark Web
/911 - Call 911
/jailme [time] - Jail Yourself
/report - Report a Player
Press ` (Key underneith Escape Key)- Crouch
INS - Enables and Disables Ragdoll
/scene [What you want the note to say] - Creates a scene | Puts a note on screen
/scenehide - Toggles scene (perform command again to see the scene again)
G - Seatbelt
/hood - Open Hood
/trunk - Open Trunk
Press CAPS to set a Cruise Limit
/engine - Turn On/Off Engine
/s - Shuffles you from front passenger seat to front drivers seats
/dispatch Used by LEO's to contact 911 callers
Press F5 for Interactions, Animations and Scene items (Note: Only works when not in a vehicle)
Press F5 for radar (Note: You have to be in a vehicle to open)
/nc or /namecheck for Searching Names on CAD
/pc or /platecheck for Searching Plates on CAD
Siren Info (see #siren-info in Discord for more info): Q or Y - Turns lights On.
R or L. Alt - Blips siren / Changes siren tone.
E - Air horn.
L. ALT - Enables sirens when Lights are on.
ArrowUp - Enables sirens when lights are on.
Helicopter Camera Keybinds:
Press E to open Helicam.
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to switch between normal, nightvision and thermal vision.
Mouse Scroll to zoom with Helicam
Press SPACE on a Vehicle to lock on to it.
Press X to Rappel from Heli.
Press L to Turn on Spotlight.
F3 - Open Menu
/e [emote] - Click here to see the full list.

Controls & Commands - Economy

F1 - Emotes menu
F2 - Inventory
F3 - Interaction menu
F10 - Toggle cursor
PgUP - Player List
Tab - Show hotbar
T - Chat
Y - Handsup
M - Phone
Z - Crouch
K - Toggle engine
B - Toggle Seatbelt
L - Lock/Unlock car doors
E - Lock/Unlock station doors
To Do
To Do
To Do
F3 - Open Menu
/e [emote] - Click here to see the full list.